Apr. 17th, 2006

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It had been a wonderful day. The sort of day he didn't get very often. A day of quality Daddy time with his daughter, Rose.

"That was so much fun!" She skipped along beside him, her small hand firmly in his, her face beaming with joy.

"Did you have a good time?"

"The best!"


Rose nodded emphatically, making her blonde braids bob. "The carousel and the toy store and McDonalds and ice cream and the book store! And being with you all day long. It was the Best Day EVER!"

Mister Smith squeezed his daughter's hand and favored her with a loving smile. "What if I told you it isn't over yet?" he asked as they walked through the main temple toward the garden.

Rose's eyes grew wide. "You mean there's more?"

"Maybe just a little bit more."

"But we did everything today!" After all, how much more could there be? Rose was about to ask that very thing when they stepped through the doorway into the garden.

Rose didn't realize that she'd stopped walking. Her eyes became round and wide at the blaze of color that greeted her. Balloons and streamers filled the trees and hung from the temple roof and fluttered through the air like glittering confetti with a mind all its own. Butterflies in dazzling color drifted and dipped and danced in the air. There were lots of people standing among the flowers and the bushes and on the paths, children and grown ups, and suddenly it seemed as if they were all looking right . . . at . . . her!

Dazzled, she looked up at her Daddy who smiled and pointed to a sparkling banner that hung suspended in midair that said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROSE!"

"It's a party? For me?"

"Just for you, honey."

"SURPRISE!!!!" exclaimed all of the party guests. Her guests. At her very own (and very first) birthday party ever!


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