Apr. 1st, 2006


Apr. 1st, 2006 06:49 am
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April Fool
5min_freestyleeggs your dog.
aillesmiles. All the time.
angus_smithlegally changes your name to MoonBeam Cappa.
brigid_celticpaints your elderly relatives orange.
brigid_smithshaves your cat.
daddys_rosesells your kidneys on Ebay.
i_hear_a_voiceenlists you in the French Foreign Legion.
littlebitoblisshas a hundred large anchovy pizzas and a diet coke delivered to your door.
markusalexanderbuys you a Russian Bride.
theo_clairfieldTPs your head.
Prank Me

- which my dog would probably love; she's very excitable
- you do, don't you my heart? I'd like to think it's because of me . . .
- he's quiet but mischevious for a toddler, isn't he?
- but . . . she probably is my oldest relative. Orange might suit her.
- I don't think Tiger's about to let herself be caught just yet, but maybe one day
- eBay? What's an eBay?
- Do they have French bread and pastries?
- Yes he would, then every child in the temple would know where to find me (and help eat them, I hope)
- Thank you, but I'm more than happy with the bride I have. Maybe she'd be interested in Devon?
- Well, she'd probably try. But I can run pretty fast. *stays well out of Theo's way*


Apr. 1st, 2006 08:19 pm
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It was one of those very rare days when the main Temple was quiet. A few supplicants had arrived in the early morning to petition Bliss for their hearts' desire or to thank him for favors believed rendered, but by noon the only Mister Smith remained. He suspected the beautiful Spring weather was more to blame for the small turnout. It was a glorious day, with clear blue skies and a golden sun shining down on the April flowers that dotted the grounds in blazing color. Far too nice a day to be stuck inside, no matter how comfortable the building. Standing in the temple doorway, he could hear the laughter of the children as they played and tumbled and ran through the grounds. No pilgrims for as far as the eye could see.

Surely no one would miss him if he absented himself from the temple for a little while. After all, it was a perfect sort of afternoon for a bit of hooky.

Mister Smith smiled to himself as he walked back through the cool marble interior toward the inner garden doorway, already thinking ahead to a tall glass of cold lemonaide and the company of his family. They'd be surprised to see him away from the temple in the middle of the afternoon. Hopefully pleasantly surprised!

Leaving the path, he angled through the soft grass toward the pond. As he passed a young willow tree, he saw a glimmer of shimmering blue through its haze of green boughs. How he loved the way the sunlight played on Aille's gossamer wings!

Aille sat on a pale yellow blanket beneath her favorite tree, her back to the path and her husband. Arms stretched before her, she gently held their 11 month old daughter upright. Brigid's small feet balanced on her Mommy's knees and giggled as she tried to walk own those smooth legs only to find herself walking on air. Oblivious to all but his dreams, little Angus napped in a bit of shade on a corner of the blanket. All that was missing from this idyllic scene was their eldest daughter, Rose, who was out in the stables for her afternoon riding lesson.

Mister Smith walked softly across the grass, carefully closing the distance between them. He doubted he would surprise Aille, but it was certainly worth a try!

Brigid saw the movement over her mother's shoulder and made one of her joyful, unintelligible sounds. Stifling a laugh, he shook his head and laid a finger to his lips. Not understanding, Brigid reached out her small hands to him and her tiny wings gave an excited flutter. So much for the element of surprise! There was no mistaking when his little girl was happy!

"What is it, sweetheart?" asked Aille with sweet innocence (although she knew perfectly well who was creeping up behind her).

The toddler squealed her answer, fingers grasping upward. Mister Smith waved to her and crept a little bit closer.

"What do you see, Brigid?"

Eyes bright with anticipation, she excitedly began to try jumping up and down on her Mother's knees. She began to make little bubbling happy noises. "Da!"

Mister Smith stopped as suddenly as if he'd been rooted to the spot, his hazel eyes wide with surprise.

Aille turned to look up at him, joy shining in her eyes. "Did you hear that?"

"I . . . I think I did."

"Da!Da!" said Brigid emphatically, as if to make absolutely certain they understood exactly what she wanted, then laughed at the sound of her own voice. "DaDaDadaDaaada!" she burbled, small hands still reaching.

Mister Smith sank to his knees beside Aille, tears streaming down his face. "Her first word," he whispered, his voice thick with emotion. Dada


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