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The garden was a wonderland of colorful, twinkling lights, will-o-the-wisps that gently bobbed and drifted overhead in the branches of trees or the very air itself. Two dining tables had been set out near the pond, now aglow with floating candles, and decorated in bright, festive colors. The tables were set with delicate china, crystal, and gleaming silver. The garden was rich with the smell of late summer flowers and and mouth watering aromas wafting from the kitchen. There were smaller, round tables strategically placed with finger snacks and munchies throughout the temple and an actual bar behind which stood servant Miklos, smartly attired in a tux and patiently waiting to serve the guests. And, of course, a table for gifts.

A large, glittering banner declared, "Happy Birthday Áille and Bliss!"

[OOC: The party is locked to muses issued a personal invitation and their chosen guest. Please start a new thread upon entering the party. Please play nice. There are "children" present. Have fun!]
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As far as Mister Smith and his daughter Rose could tell, neither Aille nor Bliss suspected a thing. Not even when they engineered a way to bring them together in the same room, although for seemingly different reasons. In the suite the Smith family shared, Rose snuggled up beside her mother on the huge bed and innocently asked her how to work a seam on the baby-sized sarong she was trying to make. In the adjoining darkroom, her Daddy showed his best friend the improvements he'd made to his work area and then, one by one, revealed the photographs he'd taken of Joan giving Serenity her very first bath. The diversions were more than enough to occupy the guests of honor for the 20 minutes it would take Samual, the house servants, and the goddess Brigid to work their magic on the garden.

Rose couldn't help sneaking peeks at the bedside clock. At precisely the moment it told her 20 minutes had passed, and that it was now 7:00, she blurted out, "Now, Daddy! Now!"

Laughing, he set aside the photos. "Alright, Rose. Now."

Rose took her Mommy's hand and, answering her questioning look with a bright smile, pulled her out of the bed and after her.

"We should probably follow them," suggested Mister Smith as he gave Bliss a gentle nudge.

((OOC: The actual party thread will be posted later this afternoon))
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The hardest part wasn't keeping the dinner party a secret. That was easy enough, considering how busy the twins kept Aille and with Bliss' attention divided between his worshipers and his new cherub. The truly hard part was finding a reason to keep them out of the garden that took up most of the temple's inner complex. That seemed the best place for a party. But the only way to the living quarters, kitchen, or bathing room was through that very same garden. How to keep Aille and Bliss away and preoccupied enough to prepare the meal, the guest tables, and decorate?

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