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My name is Mister Smith. It's a proper name. First name Mister, last name Smith. Not a title. I’m one of the survivers of the Big Death that killed all the adults 15 years ago and left us kids to fend for ourselves.

I'm just a guy, trying to get by like everyone else. But sometimes I get these messages. Messages from God. Not always. It's not a full time job. But when I hear the Voice . . . I do what I'm told.

There's a terrible war coming. A war that will determine the fate of the world. A war that people like Kurdy and Jeremiah and Markus are fighting in hopes of building a better world for everyone. That's why God sent me to Thunder Mountain. That's why He sent me to be Kurdy's partner. Because a great evil is coming, and the Western Alliance can use all the help it can get.

Even if that help is from a guy they think is a bit crazy because he hears voices.

~ ~ ~

And among them, unheralded and all but invisible, walked the Chosen, a man of quiet strength, as still as the surface of a lake but as deep as an abyss. And his voice was the Voice of Truth and of God returned. It was the Voice of Things to Come both dark and light, as if one of the prophets of old. But in his heart was anguish and pain for the burden he carried and the terrible knowledge of what could not be undone.

~ ~ ~

"Don't leave a silence behind you will regret."

~ ~ ~

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big death, devon, jeremiah, kurdy, libby, markus alexander, pinhole camera, prophet, sean astin, sims, theo, thunder mountain, valhalla sector
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