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Kindness. The kind of word you don't hear very much. Or see happening. I don't know about before the Big Death, but after? Kindness is like hope. Most people have lost it. They're too busy just trying to survive.

Maybe 'lost' is the wrong word. 'Misplaced' is better. Because I think everyone has the ability to be kind. Some more than others.

Like the Sisters. Kindness is more than an emotion or the occasional good deed to them. It's an action. An ideal to live by. It's one of the building blocks of Hope and the change for a brighter future.

I don't know how the Sisters came together. I don't know how they found each other or when they started the School. The Tellers probably know the details. Or ask Sister Hannah. She was there at the beginning. And before. She's old. Older than anyone I've ever met. Fifty, I think. I haven't asked. It's not polite. But the school might have been her idea. She was a teacher, before the Death. She's a teacher still, but so much more.

The school didn't start out that way. It started as a haven for the Sisters, hiding from a younger world that might not understand why they had been spared after so many of their generation died. Their home. But it wasn't enough to be safe. It wasn't enough to sit and wait out the storm. They felt there was something more they could do. Some reason why they had survived the Virus. They found their calling the day a 15 year old girl nearly dropped dead on their doorstep of exhaustion. A girl about to give birth.

How could they turn her away? They couldn't. And wouldn't. She became their purpose, and others like her. Unwed mothers, desparate, hungry, alone, and with no place to go. The Sisters took them in, cared for them, and helped them to care for their babies. Protected them from the terrible despair and desparation the Death had left behind. And when the babies began to walk and talk and grasp things like higher math and physics long before they were out of diapers . . . the Sisters realized that they were witnessing a miracle. This was their true calling. The future hope of the world. Out of the mouths of babes.


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