Apr. 23rd, 2006

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Now there's an easy question to answer. Most people think I'm crazy. Doesn't matter if they're strangers or friends. Pretty much everyone sees me as the sorry ass who imagines he hears God. I guess if I were in their shoes, it might seem that way to me, too.

You can't hear the thoughts of the guy standing next to you, right? And no one can hear the conversations you have with yourself inside your mind. So what makes you think hearing God's voice is any different? Because it's not. When I hear the Voice in my head, it doesn't sound like me. It sounds Different. It even feels different.

But it's not something anyone else can see or hear. When I hear the Voice, all anyone else sees is me. Crazy Mister Smith. I don't know what I look like when it happens. I've never been near a mirror when it does. But it must look pretty goofy, because sometimes they laugh. Mostly, they just shake their heads, like Kurdy. Or walk away in disgust, like Jeremiah.

It doesn't really matter if they believe me or not. It doesn't matter that they think I'm crazy. Because it's there. God says, "My Voice will be heard."

I will be that Voice.


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