Sep. 11th, 2005

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Libby. Everyone in the Mountain knew her. Not just as Devon's assistant or as a survivor of Valhalla Sector. They knew Libby because Libby went out of her way to know them. Sometimes she helped out in the cafeteria, greeting the refugees with a smile and a warm meal as they poured into the Mountain, fleeing from Daniel's tyranny. She was always the first to offer an encouraging word but sometimes she simply sat and listened and let them unburden themselves of fear and dread.

Libby was great at that. Listening, I mean. Always concerned and attentive. She didn't miss much. People tended to want to pour their heart out to her. She even listened to me, and that's saying something. Not many people do. At least, not as if they care. But Libby cared. She always seemed to know the right words to say at exactly the right time.

Everybody loved Libby, so bright and alive and caring. Especially Jeremiah. He didn't just love her. He was in love with her. She'd managed to touch a part of his heart he thought was dead. She gave him hope and something to fight for.

It was all lie. All of it. The kindness. The caring. But not the listening. That was real. Because everything she heard was something she could pass on to the other side. Information. Because knowledge is power.

What's the old saying? Know thy enemy. Libby got pretty good at that.


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