Aug. 27th, 2005

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The best present I ever gave wasn't wrapped in paper or tied with ribbon. It wasn't something bought in a store or crafted by hand. But I paid dearly for it, in blood and pain. Very nearly with my life. But it was worth it.

The gift was a message I sent to Kurdy. Hardly enough to write on a note, really. Just four words. That's all. No more, no less. But it might have been the most important message Kurdy ever got. Because it gave him a fighting chance. And it gave his troops hope.

See, just then it seemed like Sims and Daniel's forces were everywhere and closing in fast. They jammed our radio transmissions and managed to pin down Thunder Mountain, cutting off reinforcements to the field. Or help to the Mountain. A massive assault was coming. Everyone knew it. But without the help of the Mountain and communications down, the Alliance was fighting blind. From where would the final attack come? And when? Without that knowledge, how could Kurdy muster his troops to best defend the Alliance?

That's when my gift arrived. My gift to Kurdy. Four little words overheard. Sims' words. Words from a distance, heard through rushing water and closing darkness. Sims dismissed me the instant he'd had me thrown off the bridge. But I struggled to stay afloat. To stay conscious. Long enough to hear. Long enough to remember, even as the current dragged me away.

"Four Roads. Sundown. Friday."

That was my gift to Kurdy. To the Alliance. Knowledge. And hope.


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